Selling with us

The ability to connect with people and negotiate is the strength of Morgan Webb Real Estate.

We make it our business to develop a sound knowledge of what makes people tick. This allows us to understand our customer’s specific drivers and motivations, and enables us to help them through the sometimes-daunting process of selling or buying. We qualify buyers, we understand their needs and we get to the heart of their search and it is because of this unique skill set that we are so successful.

Our experience over 20 years in diverse market conditions is a key asset for our clients who value our advice and commitment to the best outcomes. We understand the importance of providing honest relevant feedback through the selling process and seeing through the deal right to key handover.

Every home is different and therefore the method of sale may vary depending on market conditions, economic factors, vendor motivation and the product. We take all this into consideration when developing a strategy that will ensure your home is sold quickly and at the best possible price. When we accept an appointment to sell your home we undertake a commitment to the very end and will leave no stone unturned until we achieve a result you are happy with. We love what we do, and yes, it’s personal! We understand that at the end of the day our business is about others achieving happiness.

Our marketing can be customised to suit your budget and our fees are negotiable. We never aim for average and our reputation and results speak for themselves.

Talk to Lisa and Kate today – “your friends in real estate”